Canine Care and Training Program
  Section 1 Getting Into Dogs
    Course 1 History Of The Dog
    Course 2 Grooming
    Course 3 Kennel Maintenance
    Course 4 Canine Anatomy
    Course 5 Handler Safety
Section 2 Understanding Dogs
    Course 1 Social Development
    Course 2 Canine Communication
    Course 3 Oh The Mess Of Stress
    Course 4 Play and Predation
    Course 5 Fear and Aggression
Section 3 Health and Maintenance
    Course 1 Capture and Restraint Techniques
    Course 2 Taking Vitals and Determining an Emergency
    Course 3 Dog Nutrition
    Course 4 Vaccinations and Preventatives
Section 4 Behavior Modification
    Course 1 Introduction to Training
    Course 2 Introduction to Training II
    Course 3 Marker Training
    Course 4 Lure & Reward Training

  Final CCTP Exam